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    It is a good time to show your clients the little bit of hair being trimmer but more importantly to let them feel asection of their new soft and silky treated hair, and let your client run it through their fingers and see their reaction. The item helps you remove the dead, dry ends and split ,ends from your clients' hair while preserving the length. Making it instantly soft and silky.

    Split Ends Trimmer For Women and Damaged Dead Hair Remover

    Cordless Split Ends Trimmer Features:

    1. Built in blades of the trimmer that is specially ,designed ,to safely trim the very ends of the hair, and you can see the hair being trimmed through the clean windows, which is very convenient.
    2. The trimmer has the hair chamber to storage the hair being trimmed, so that it will not leave your client's hairin a messy condition.
    3. Reversible ,directional switch arrow pointing direction is perfect for right or left hand user with LED lighttechnology.
    4. Coming with 2 different trim spacers allow you to choose the hair length to be trimmed.,
    5. Strand guards work together with the hair plate center guiders to control the hair in prefect straight positionguiding only the hair ends into the blades.
    6. Equipped ,with a styling comb, which is great for detangling your clients hair being treatment, and the forkedend can be used to section your clients hair right before using your hair trimmer.
    7. Metal pressing handle with rubber grip ,offers hand comfort to hold.
    8. Cleaning brush is easy to clean the hair off the blades and the housing.

    9. Works best in straight or wavy hair.

    Cordless Split Ends Trimmer For Women

    Split Ends Hair Trimmer Video Demo:

    Before & After Result​​​​​​:
    Cordless Split Ends Trimmer For Women

    Package Includes:

    1 x Hair Trimmer
    1 x Styling comb
    2 x Sectioning Clips
    1 x Cleaning Brush
    1 x 1/4" Trim Spacer
    1 x Power ,Adapter
    1 x Instruction Manual



    1. Do not use the hair trimmer in one specific section more than another.
    2. Do not use the hair trimmer without spacers.
    3. If you feel your "pulling" the hair, you may have too much hair in your client's hair, simply remove the section of hair, comb free of tangle and try again with smaller and thinner section of hair.
    4. Recommended hair maintenance ,treatment every 5 times a week.
    5. Always operate with clear window cover in place.
    6. Please rest assured to buy without worrying about the plug adaption. We will provide an adapter for you according to different country standard to ensure its normal use.

Split Ends Trimmer For Women - Damaged Dead Hair Remover - Cordless Universal Voltage Cutting Dry And Slick Hair Tool

Safely trims the ends of the hair where damaged hair ends and split ends starts while preserving the beautiful
Healthy hair, insuring that all the ends (split, damaged or dry) are trimmed and healthy the split-ender unique patented hair plate is speciall
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