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    Iron Your Fat Off Made Simple!
    A regular iron removes the wrinkles from your clothes by slowly going over them with heat. Fat Iron was created with the same concept, minus the burning heat. It works to strengthen and tone muscles while smoothing and firming the deeper layers of the skin to give you a beautiful, young and sculpted look.
    Use for 15 minutes a day to see results in less than 14 days! Best for skin toning, fat burning, fat loss, cellulite slimming, and stretch marks removal.

    Stubborn fat cells are high in alpha receptors which prevents them from releasing their fat content regardless of exercise and diet. Women usually accumulate those cells around the thighs, hips, and lower belly while men tend to have them on the love handles area.

    We all struggle to lose fat but sometimes that's only half the battle. After losing fat we often suffer from saggy uneven skin and unappealing stretch marks, without mentioning the cellulite that persisted after the diet.

    The powerful technology of fat burning iron is strong enough to empty those stubborn fat cells easily and safely.

    The Fat Burning lron uses 3 clinically proven technologies to give you the optimal results; .

    Bipolar Radio Frequency (RF)
    Heats up and gradually destroys targeted fat cells, reducing fat levels.
    The energy also stimulates collagen by penetrating deep into the skin tissue.
    Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS)
    EMS sends wave impulses down to the muscles. It can be used to gently reinforce muscles to even skin. It will firm
    and strengthen your muscles to sculpt your body and repair your skin texture.
    It also helps to stimulate collagen and elastin which gives your skin a younger feeling.
    Photon Red Light Therapy (LED)
    Red light therapy is a technology that has been used by NASA for the past decade. It uses specific wavelengths that stimulate cell renewal and helps minimize fine lines, wrinkles, and stretch marks.

    -Burns off stubborn fat
    -Reduces fine lines & cellulite
    -Eliminates stretch marks & scars
    -Lifts & tightens sagging skin
    -Sculpts & tones the entire body
    -Eliminates wrinkles & signs of aging
    -Firms & strengthens muscles
    -Overall body fat reduction
    -Safe and easy to use
    -Fast USB rechargeable
    -Ergonomic design & Portable


Fat Burning Iron Machine Stretch Marks Scar Removal Saggy Skin Wipe off Device Cellulite Fat Loss Massager For Arm, Waist, Belly, Leg, Hip

Fat Burning lron is the latest state- of-the-art home-use device that combines 3 clinically proven powerful Fat-reducing and skin-tightening technologies to iron off stubborn fat, stretch marks, saggy skin, and wrinkles while strengthening & toning your m
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