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    Rarely Ever,a skin tag is considered to hold "beauty spot" status!Generally skin tags,warts and other skin imperfections 
    are an inconvenience for one's self-esteem.
    They are also not easy to conceal,Until now,surgical removal of skin imperfections or expensive visits to the dermatologist were the only options to clear away these skin imperfections.Our skin is the most important of our immune system,and any trauma to it should be avoided where possible.When it comes to skin tags, scarring, fine lines, or any other skin condition,especially on the delicate skin of the face,it is daunting to consider invasive removal procedures.

    You can get the best,natural-looking resultes without having to pay a hefty price to the clinics! Thousands of women around the word are easily getting rid of their skin imperfections and conditions without leaving their couch or breaking the bank!. The OteeLien Skin Plasma Pen is the new,affordable,painless wasy to safely remove skin tags,warts,and other unwanted skin imperfections,And it doesn't stop there..

    9 Level Plasma Derma Mole and Skin Tag Eraser Pen

    Advanced Technology & Aesthetic Design
    Using ionized carbonation technology, this pen might be the problem solver for you! Restore balance to your complexion with 9 levels of intensity to solve different symptoms.

    This portable and safe to use at home plasma pen produces a high-voltage micro-current which causes a light spark when it comes in contact with the skin. The carbonization removes the freckles and moles.

    With a clean and minimalist look, it also comes with a rechargeable 2000mAh built-in Li-battery and a USB interface. A single charge can last for more than 5 hours continuously. The device includes a unique dual spotlight lighting for maximum focus, ensuring there are no shadows when operating.

    9 Level Plasma Derma Mole and Skin Tag Eraser Pen

    9 Level Plasma Derma Mole and Skin Tag Eraser Pen

    Remove blemishes at the comfort of your own home
    No need to pay for expensive surgeries
    Remove spots, tags, or moles painlessly without inflammation.
    This pen is perfect for warts, moles, spots, and tags removal.
    Easy To Use and Portable.
    Long battery life due to which you can use it up to 5 hours on a single charge.
    Instant results in the first treatment itself.

    9 Level Plasma Derma Mole and Skin Tag Eraser Pen
    9 Level Plasma Derma Mole and Skin Tag Eraser Pen
    How To Use?
    Step 1: Long press ON/OFF button for about 2 seconds to power on. Choose the speed level: we recommend to use a lower speed level. Level 3 and below to remove shallow freckles within a small area, and use speed levels above level 3 to remove more stubborn symptoms within a large area.

    Step 2: Keep pressing the OUT button to start working. The LCD screen will then display the working status at the bottom of the screen.

    Step 3: Removal method:-

    For small freckles and patches: Hold the unit, and use your fingers to support the area you wish to work on. Point the pinhead and gently make contact on the skin/freckle. There will be little sparks produced when the pinhead touches the skin.

    For moles and tattoos with large area: Hold the unit, and use your fingers to support the area you wish to work on. Gently sweep at the mole, back and forth using the edges of the pinhead. Avoid poking at the mole to prevent scarring, and do not stay in one area for too long. It is better to sweep horizontally, so as not to burn the skin.

    What Does the Package Include?
    1 x Mole Removal Pen
    2 x Coarse Needles
    30 x Fine Needles
    1 x Needle Cover
    1 x Manual
    1 x Charging Cable

    Mole and Skin Tag Eraser Pen

    See some of the results our customers have:

    Mole and Skin Tag Eraser Pen
    Mole and Skin Tag Eraser Pen

9 Level Mole & Skin Tag Freckle Spot Eraser Removal Plasma Derma Pen

Here's how you can remove moles, skin tags, and freckles with ease. Gain the feel and effects of a professional removal easily at your fingertips. It also works on unwanted blemishes, warts, spots, fleshy nevus, and tattoos.
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